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    At Atlantic Combustion Technologies, our singular mission is to provide the most effective solution to issues stemming from ash agglomeration in a broad range of combustion environments, with a key focus on cost reduction and emissions abatement. We are continuously engaged in research and development in order to help our clients get the most out of the fuel they burn, and with the least amount of headaches.

    We began in 1975 as a manufacturer of a combustion catalyst used in fireplaces and woodstoves in the home – still available today. This product delivers absolutely incomparable results to those using it, keeping homeowners safer from chimney fires by eliminating creosote build-up in-home wood stoves and furnaces. From these modest beginnings, Atlantic Combustion Technologies has since improved and broadened this technology for use in industrial-scale systems burning any and all fuels and fuel mixtures to prevent the build-up of slag, clinker, and fouling. This technology is known as CoMate Ash Modifier.

    Today, we are proud to do business with major manufacturers and power generators across North America and the United Kingdom, and we are currently expanding into other European Union countries. Providing a customer experience which delivers top-tier satisfaction and continuous support is our driving purpose.