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    Low Cost Production

    Lowering Production Costs

    As with any operation, the key is to minimize production costs. With a CoMate Ash Modifier application as part of your operating strategy, combustion efficiency is improved, maintenance is reduced, and operators can enjoy much fewer and shorter shutdowns, peak capacity output on demand, and an overall more predictable and efficient system.

    Our clients regularly see cost reductions in a wide array of areas:

    • Reduced fuel consumption
      Better combustion efficiency delivers more usable energy per unit of fuel burned
    • Lower emissions
      Relative reductions in opacity have frequently been shown to be in the range of 20 to 30% or higher as a result of using CoMate, while CO2, SO2, and NOx are also reduced thanks to CoMate’s efficiency improvements
    • Cleaning costs
      CoMate has repeatedly demonstrated that cleaning time and costs are dramatically reduced
    • Improved Safety
      Less time spent inside the furnace or boiler for the purpose of cleaning means your workers are safer from the risk of falling clinker
    • Decreased corrosion
      CoMate helps to migrate normally corrosive deposits to areas where corrosion is much less likely to occur
    • Reduced shutdown frequency/duration
      We can virtually eliminate shutdowns initiated due to ash build-up
    • Extended life of equipment
      Shutting down less often, and for shorter periods, means reducing wear on equipment

    This graph depicts the actual average stack temperature at various loads during a full operating cycle of a 175 MWe power boiler. Stack temperature is a key indicator of boiler efficiency. A 5.6 °C drop in stack temperature represents a 1% gain in boiler efficiency. It is clear that at all loads, when compared to previous operating seasons where a magnesium-based additive was used, the stack temperature was markedly lower when CoMate was applied. In fact, at maximum load of 175 MWe, the difference was approximately 30 °C with CoMate. In addition, all five outages for cleaning of the boiler were eliminated, and the boiler delivered its best performance since it was put into service in 1968.