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    Combustion Catalyst Industry


    There are a wide variety of industries which have applications for our technology. Click on Applications on the menu above to explore how CoMate affects the combustion of various types of fuels. Since CoMate is entirely fuel independent, each section on a given fuel pertains to any application of that fuel. Also, the effects relate to the deposition of ash, and the type of fuel is not a determinant with regard to CoMate.

    • Pulp & Paper
    • Manufactured Wood Products (OSB, MDF, Particleboard, Waferboard etc.)
    • District Heating and CHP (Combined Heat and Power)
    • Power Generation
    • Waste Incinerators
    • Oil Refining
    • Sugar Refining

    The above is by no means a complete list, as applications for our technology will exist in any situation where combustion of carbonaceous fuels is occurring, and hard deposits are presenting themselves. Should you wish to learn more about how we may be able to help your specific application, we would be delighted to speak with you! Please visit our Contact section for details.