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    Case Studies

    Case Studies

    Case Study #1

    The above graph shows the impact of CoMate on the particulate emissions of a biomass boiler in the United States. Thanks to CoMate Ash Modifier, the reduction has remained consistently and significantly lower than historical values.

    In addition to modifying ash, CoMate is also a combustion catalyst. As such, it can actually increase boiler efficiency (by between 2% and 3% in some cases), meaning that more energy is produced per unit of fuel burned. By increasing fuel conversion efficiencies, overall emissions are reduced per unit of energy produced.

    Case Study #2

    The following table illustrates an actual example of this combined benefit in a #6 heavy oil-fired boiler, measured over a two year period of CoMate application:

    The operators of this boiler were able to achieve their required load, with better operational variables, and with a daily average oil consumption reduction of 3,487 L – an improvement of almost 6.7% over historical averages. It is important to note that 100% of the emissions from these 3,487 L of oil is avoided, in conjunction with the improved efficiency and operating cost benefits enjoyed as a result of using CoMate.