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    Reducing Carbon Emissions

    Reducing Emissions

    CoMate is that rarest of technologies which combines the environmental benefits of reduced emissions with the positive bottom-line impacts so sought after, particularly in today’s economy with its ever-increasing demand for the greening of industry.

    Through its primary effect as an ash modifier, CoMate enables boiler operators to derive more energy from a given unit of fuel, while also maintaining boiler operation at peak capacity output on demand. This tremendous benefit results in a reduction in gaseous emissions on a mass basis per unit of heat input. In addition, by improving combustion efficiency and reducing unburned carbon, CoMate helps to improve the collection of particulate ultimately resulting in reduced opacity. This effect is noted particularly in the presence of electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, cylcones, and dust collectors.

    In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with notions of “environment”, “climate change”, “greenhouse gases”, and many other catch phrases associated with the impact humans have on the world we live in. Whether through political activism, environmental legislation, or the need for energy independence, most of us feel an ever increasing urgency to continuously reduce our environmental impact.

    Boiler and furnace operators in the power generation and manufacturing industries are increasingly targeted by lawmakers to reduce their emissions. However, many operators resist these changes because, with today’s technologies, to meet these ever stricter regulations typically requires huge capital expenditures that can sometimes be unaffordable.

    Can we cut emissions AND cut costs? Yes!

    Burning biomass brings many challenges, not the least of which is the common problem of ash deposition – exactly what CoMate is designed to tackle. CoMate promotes a reduction in emissions in two principle ways:

    As a “Combustion Catalyst”: CoMate enables more complete combustion of carbon in the fuel, rendering ash to be more carbon-free. In turn, this means a reduction in VOC emissions.

    As an “Ash Modifier”: Perhaps CoMate’s most dramatic effect is in how it weakens the strength of deposits. This affects emissions on multiple levels. Ash that carries through a combustion system leaves the stack as particulate emissions. These emissions, which comprise much of the non-combustible components in the fuel, vary widely from fuel to fuel. This material is generally considered

    a major nuisance, especially for those who live and work near the facility. It can also lead to serious health effects if it is breathed in on a continuous basis at sufficient concentrations. With CoMate, soot and particulate emissions are drastically reduced, meaning that most of your emissions are just C02 and water vapor. And as previously discussed, C02 from biomass is part of the natural carbon cycle, making your operation the ultimate in environmental responsibility and cost effectiveness.

    If that wasn’t enough, a secondary benefit to CoMate’s ash modifying capabilities is that it makes for better ash handling and disposal characteristics, another environmental bonus for using CoMate.