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    What is CoMate

    What is CoMate

    Simple. Clean. Cost Effective.

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    CoMate Ash Modifier is that rare technology which couples “green” benefits with cost reductions. It lowers emissions while simultaneously reducing operating costs well beyond the cost of the technology itself. Also, as the world moves further towards the need for emissions reductions, the application of CoMate becomes that much more profitable to our clients.

    When it comes to fireside additives, many people are rightly skeptical. Over the years, industrial professionals and home users alike have had mixed results with such products, and when problems arise it can be difficult to find the right answers.

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    As an ash modifier, CoMate is injected pneumatically with compressed air into the combustion zone of a furnace. Once activated, it will combine with the small portion of ash that would ordinarily produce hard deposits. This process negates the hardness and/or stickiness of the material, allowing it to be much more easily removed during operation. CoMate has achieved consistent and reliable success in many applications, and as a completely fuel-independent technology it is easily applicable to any carbonaceous fuel or mixture of fuels (oil, coal, biomass, black or red liquor etc.).

    CoMate is also a combustion catalyst, in that it does not itself burn, however it assists the process of combustion by preventing carbon from being trapped in deposits, and by improving the fuel conversion factor.

    Once you decide to try CoMate, we will be on site at your facility, working with your management team to implement a CoMate application program that integrates seamlessly with your operation. With a continual commitment to service and almost 40 years of experience, we offer our clients constant feedback and input. As a valued client, you are not only getting a quality product but a partner in efficiency and environmental stewardship.

    Operating personnel need the very best tools at their disposal to tackle these challenges most effectively. CoMate Ash Modifier is a powerful addition to your best-practices toolkit.

    Simply put, our goal is to make your operation as efficient and competitive as possible, and CoMate is a key part of the total solution. Contact us to find out how we may be of service to you!

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